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This website shows the pedigree of Family Reijsbergen and dates back to 1650. I would like to expand the family. I want further back and yet not all children have been found and it is also nice to find more background information. Example, it is very nice to see that our ancestor worship had to pay a debt interest letter of f400 and therefore his house and yard is lost. Or that my grandfather rented rooms.

On the right you will find all the names in this pedigree. These are also the names of the men that married the daughters Reijsbergen. Additionally Reijsbergen not always Reijsbergen and especially with Renier Reinbergen the name was a mess, he created a new branch, however, that dead end quickly.

After clicking on a name, a list of all persons who bear that name is showed. From there you can click through to the person himself. From some people are documents added. Newspaper clippings, birth and marriage certificates or scans from marriage registers. Click on an image for a larger version or download it.

To see the pedigree in total, there are two possibilities. In text or graphic. This is shown in a supposedly descendants, this is a representation of a founding father or mother (generation I) with their children (generation II) and their subsequent descendants in both male and female lines. This pedigree is started at the earliest known ancestor John Rijsbergen born around 1650 rijsbergen. Yes so we are originally from the Brabant village.

The family Sperber

All information that you, visitors can provide is more than welcome. Especially over the current and previous generation is not so terrible much known. Report any information to And I do not mind duplicate information Photos, documents etc are also welcome. Digital like such a high quality possible.

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